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Reading is our SuperPower! Bulletin Board Idea

Oh my gosh. I have so much to tell you that I don’t know where to start. In the month and a half since I last really blogged (two weeks before my wedding and the month since!) a lot has happened.

– It is getting dark early and this causes me issues with my emotional health.
– All things pumpkin are available and this causes me issues with my eating habits.
– Christmas is coming and this causes me issues with my finances.

In short, I have issues of the seasonal variety.

But, in spite of ALL THESE ISSUES, I have lots of school stuff to tell you! I’m really going to try to stay focused with this post, even though I am muy excited about a lot of the new things we’ve done this year. 

Our theme this year for reading is Super Readers: Reading is our Superpower. We have tried to weave this into lots of different initiatives on our campus, including our family literacy night and the 25 Book Campaign. 

At the beginning of the year, my librarian and I decided to do the superhero theme and so I scoured (where else?) pinterest for superhero ideas! I found a pin about a superhero bulletin board and I thought, “I could do that. I can easily make a superhero bulletin board for our main hallway. I will ask teachers to contribute pictures of themselves reading and put them up. This will be fun.”

This is the finished product! I will share with you how my masterpiece came to be.
First, I looked at this pin on pinterest:
Unfortunately, it’s just linked to a google images search.
The bulletin board in the main hallway was already covered in red fabric. I took the black and I unrolled a large sheet. I crawled around the floor and sketched the shape of the buildings and then I cut them out in one large piece. 
I cut out the letters and a sunset as well. And then I got to staplin’.
This didn’t really take a long time. I stapled it here and there and added the sunset in the background. And then I got a little excited about some details.

In case you can’t read it, the people are saying, “It’s the BOOK signal!” I know. I’m dorky. My husband already made fun of me, so please don’t feel like you have to contribute.

I added the sign (so important, I know) because details are important to me. I’m not really sure that any child has even read this sign, but I do every time I pass by and it makes me laugh.
So at this point, I realized I needed to add yellow windows. I went back to my classroom and cut up a bunch of yellow paper into rectangles and squares. I grabbed several glue sticks and a rolling chair and went back to the board. I started on the right side (you can probably figure that out, actually, when you see how many “lights are on” on the right side versus the left! I glued the yellow squares to the buildings and scooted some more and glued some more. I had been glueing and scooting for about eight minutes when I began to ask myself whose stupid idea this was. I mean, who hand-glues on ALL the windows in a WHOLE CITY?! I kept glueing, and people kept walking by saying things like, “Almost!” and “That’s a lot, Miss!” 
Yes. It was.
After about fifteen or so minutes of glueing and scooting, the town of Readopolis was pretty well lit (good enough for who it’s for, my mother always said).
Then I petitioned the teachers to send me pictures of them reading! I’ve been adding them as they come in, and I also am beginning to add pictures of kids reading around the school, too. We are super readers!
We are continuing this theme throughout our reading program this year! Check back soon to read about our superfun Family Literacy Night!

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