Trying not to eat candy.

I am so excited. 
It’s Halloween!
I’m celebrating this fun holiday in several ways.

1. I spent my last two evenings making these:

They are equal parts sugar, sugar, and frosting. Made of sugar.

Today I ran around and, as one teacher put it, shared the calories. Muahahahahaha!
2. I gorged myself on anything orange that was given to me today. This included an orange cupcake, several KitKats, and a handful of Reese’s. 
Orange = holiday = calorie free.
3. I’m wearing my happy Halloween slipper sock things.

I saw them at Target last week and couldn’t help myself. 

4. I have a heaping bowl of candy for children. I try to make a point of buying candy that I don’t like so I hopefully won’t eat it. But the only kind of candy I don’t like involves coconut EW! And I don’t think kids like that either, so I can’t bring myself to buy it. This year, I bought pretzels shaped like pumpkins (sorry, kids), gummy lifesavers (it turns out I really like the red ones), Twix (forgive me for my weakness), and dum dums (eh). 
5. Putting clothing on my dogs. This just cracks me up. Normally, I’m against clothing on animals. But my friend gave me these little outfits, so guess who’s wearing clothes?

It is impossible to take a clear picture of my animals. They never don’t move.

Stevie, trying really hard not to be afraid of the cat.
(I’m a big brave dog. I’m a big brave dog.)

5. I’m trying to ignore the scary stuff that my hunny is watching on Ghost Adventures. I like Ghost Adventures (they crack me up) but lately they’ve been kind of creepy, so I have to watch it with squinty-eyes. You know, like how you have to watch the Paranormal Activity 4 trailer. Except Ghost Adventures is only scary if you’re a big wuss like me.
6. I’m having a spooky sale! Don’t be scared by my low prices! hahahahahaha I know that’s silly.

Check out my TPT store today for 15% off.
Save a few bucks so you can spend more on candy.

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