Nagging II

So I’ve loved everyones’ nagging suggestions. It seems like teachers have perfected the art of nagging nicely. It’s the difference between saying,

“Don’t forget to exchange your swim trunks.”
“Hunny, I know you’ve been busy, but have you had a chance to swing by Sam’s and exchange your trunks? If not, we can go after work today.”

But the second one just takes soooooo long. So it only happens sometimes. I tend to offer a disclaimer. “Hunny, I don’t actually think you’re going to remember to exchange your swim trunks, and then we’ll have to eat the 15.00 I spent, plus whatever billions of dollars it will cost us to buy a pair on the ship, so I’m going to nag you about it daily until you exchange them and I don’t care if it makes you mad.”**

**actual transcript of conversation with my hunny**

He’ll be all right.

Anyway, I just wanted to brief you on the upcoming weeks. Because I’m gonna be out of the loop (yay no phones) I’ve arranged for some lovely guest bloggers to post on the days that I’m away! I’m so excited because there is such a variety of posts coming up – more varied than one person would do!

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to read posts from these great guests:

Heather from Peacocks and Penguins

Tanja from Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Natalie from Teachery Tidbits

Krista from The Second Grade Superkids

Casey from Second Grade Math Maniac

Jackie from Third Grade’s a Charm

Simone from Busy as a Honey Bee

Also, don’t forget to enter my Scientific Method Posters & Word Wall Giveaway at Teacher’s Notebook! Why not? It’s free!

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