Cruise Shopping Adventure!

I’m not a big shopper, because I’m not a big spender. I’m super hesitant to spend big bucks on clothes, so I tend to wear things out for years. But in July, I’m going on a cruise! So I needed some new spiffy duds. On Friday, I went Target hunting with my friend Laura. 
Now, what I didn’t know about Laura is that she has a deep, terrible secret. She is a shopping enabler. This is what she sounds like in a store:
“Oooooo you need that. It looks so cool. Try it on! OH! It’s awesome! You have a great face for that. OOOOH and look this matches. You need to get this one, too. I’ll get one so we’ll be matching. OOOOOOOOOOH and look at THAT! That’s perfect. You’ll definitely need to get that.”
So, I was hooked. We browsed through the dollar store, and found this funny pirate themed stuff! 
I’ll take pictures next week of how I use that.  (It’s going to be a motivating thing for my kids to participate in my summer reading pack: Sailing Through Summer! I’m super excited.
Then, I bought a hat. (This one was totally Laura’s fault) I love hats, but I tend to buy them and then look at them longingly and never actually wear them. I feel a little silly, like I’m trying to hard. So I bought this hat (You have a GREAT hatface! said Laura) and I have to wear it now. It’s absolutely adorable.
Then I found some earrings. (They’re birds oh my gosh)
And then a scarf (clearance kachow). 
And maybe a cute travel purse.
Everything was in the gray and blue family. But I don’t have a lot of gray clothing. Or gray complimentary clothing. So guess what. 
Today, I went shopping with my mom. This is my mom at a store: “Ooo what do you think about this? I like it. I know you don’t like it, but I do. It matches all my other stuff. Wait – maybe I already have it. Oh, yeah, I do. I already have this one. Oh well. Oooo what about this one?” She only enables herself when she’s shopping.
I bought a pair of shorts and a dress (clearance kachow)
And then, I found these shoes. 
Now, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that shoe-shopping for me is a little like hunting the holy grail. My shoes have to be uber-comfortable but I’m not a little old lady (yet) so it’s hard for me to find stuff I like. Top that off with my cheap-ness, and he perfect pair of shoes is virtually impossible to find. Crocs, for example, make me look like I’m a few tacos short of a taco truck.  So I’m always searching for the perfect shoe for my not-so-perfect feet. I found some cute Keds (out of my normal budget, but this is a cruise, people!) that I can wear to walk around in that also look cruise-ish. Cause we must be pretty or die! 

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  1. Oh man, your friend Laura sounds like my hubby! Except he doesn't say it all girlie like that, ha! He most definitely pushes me to buy stuff for myself…but probably just so he can then buy things for himself!

    Have fun on your cruise! I am sooo jealous!


  2. Hello, cruise? How'd you get so lucky?!

    I'm going to be uber-stalking your blog this summer, because I'm moving from first to fourth. Now maybe I'll be able to use some of those great ideas you pop up with!


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